Da-Ran, Inc. Semi-truck hauling in 48 USA states and parts of Canada

Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed hauling in 48 states and parts of Canada
  Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed semi-truck hauling in 48 states
Da-Ran, Inc. offers
semi-truck flatbed and oversize load hauling

Your Premier
Flatbed Trucking Firm

In today's highly competitiveDa-Ran, Inc. Flatbed Trucking Firm, specialized transportation market, Da-Ran, Inc.   is considered a leader in progressive management, innovative operations and unmatched in customer service.   

Da-Ran, Inc. has been incorporated since 1978 and belongs to the      Minnesota Trucking Association, Minnesota Troopers Association, Dun & Bradstreet, The National Federation of Independent Business and the Zimmerman Chamber of Commerce.   We have been 'Carrier of the Year'  7 years running for Owens Corning and have an on-time delivery percentage of 99%!

Da-Ran, Inc. is currently operating 26 company trucks and 4 Owner/Operators and continues to grow.   All of our trucks are licensed to run all 48 states, including the Providence's of Canada.   We specialize in flatbed and step-deck hauling and can haul 58,000# with four trucks and the remaining trucks can haul 48,500# each. 

Our trailers range from 45' to 53' (flatbeds; rollbacks; step-decks; a 48' double drop (28' in well); 48' RGNs (29'6" in well); 53' RGNs (34'6" in well) all with outriggers; 53' dry vans; 53' step.

Over the years Da-Ran, Inc. has built a sold reputation for safe and reliable service.  We are proud of the drivers we employ and we are confident that they will provide you exceptional customer service and on-time delivery.

Let us add you to our list of satisfied employees and customers!