Da-Ran, Inc. Semi-truck hauling in 48 USA states and parts of Canada

Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed hauling in 48 states and parts of Canada
  Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed semi-truck hauling in 48 states
Da-Ran, Inc. offers
semi-truck flatbed and oversize load hauling

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Our Staff

Randy Hanson, Owner and Founder of Da-Ran, Inc. Randy Hanson
Owner & Founder

From the beginning, Randy Hanson has always "wanted to drive just one truck."  Randy not only drives his rig, but also remains in touch with all aspects of his ever growing business.  To this day, Randy still takes a personal interest in following-up with customers and staff and a constant dialog of communication with all of his drivers.  Randy keeps that family spirit alive.
John Nord, President and CEO of Da-Ran Inc. John Nord
President & CEO

John says, "For some stupid reason, I always wanted to drive truck."  Along the way, he has held various positions in the business.  As the President & CEO, John now holds the drivers to a higher standard because of that understanding of what it takes to get to the top.  But, if the need does arise, John has no problem jumping in a truck to grab a load and get it delivered safely and on time.

Julie Bolig-Ericson, Office Manager at Da-Ran, Inc. Julie Bolig-Ericson:
Office Manager

Starting with the company in 1999.  Julie has worked her way into being one of the permanent faces of the Da-Ran family.  She is that friendly face you can always count on when you walk in the door.  Julie deals with everything from drivers having bad days to making sure that the bills get paid.  She is an office manager at its best.
Andrew Hanson, Dispatch at Da-Ran Inc. Andrew Hanson

Andrew has never had the desire to be on the road, like his dad, Randy, and his brother, John.  Andrew is, however, looking forward to getting his CDL soon.  That way when things get tight and something local comes up, he is able to jump in and help out.  His experience being with the company since it started has helped him to keep, both, the customers and drivers equally on the forefront.  He hopes to someday be sitting as President of the company.

Travis Budeau, Dispatch at Da-Ran, Inc. for semi-truck haulingTravis Budeau

Travis has been over the road, through not as a truck driver, he understands what it is being away from his family.  He uses this personal experience and dedication to the "family mentality" to make sure drivers get time home.
Jen Gaylor, Active Recruiter and Company Driver for DaRan, Inc.Jen Gaylor: 
Active Recruiter/Company Driver 

Jen has been with the company for a few years. Coming into the company near the end of 2015, she says she was just "looking for a home." In 2018, she picked up recruiting drivers in her free time. When she's on the road she's still working on recruiting/driver things.