Da-Ran, Inc. Semi-truck hauling in 48 USA states and parts of Canada

Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed hauling in 48 states and parts of Canada
  Da-Ran Inc. offers flatbed semi-truck hauling in 48 states
Da-Ran, Inc. offers
semi-truck flatbed and oversize load hauling

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Da-Ran, Inc. offers a variety of delivery options

Flatbed semi-truck hauling in 48 USA states by Da-Ran, Inc.


Since not all products need to be covered, flatbeds are a choice that has always been on the table.  Flatbed gives the loading the flexibility needed for the large loads that would normally not be able to be loaded in a conventional dock situation.  We have 48' and 53' flatbeds for customers needs.
Conestoga semi-truck hauling by Da-Ran Inc, in USA 48 states and parts of canada


Though often times our loads need to be covered, under the flexibility of which angle to load from, also comes the frequently growing option of the curtain side or commonly called "Conestoga".  The Conestoga curtain slides from front to back and visa-versa in order to give you the best of, both, the enclosed dry van and the easy loading of a flatbed.  We utilize the latest 48' Conestogas in the industry.

RGN hauling by Da-Ran, Inc. in 48 USA states


Though regular flatbeds are usually sufficient for over size loads, often times, we still need some 'give & take' somewhere. Our removable goose necks or 'RGN's' are great in filling this purpose.  They give the customer more flexibility to ship over height loads, along with some added room for those more complicated heavy-haul loads.  We offer 48' and 53' RGN's.
Dry Van Semi-Truck Hauling by Da-Ran, Inc. in 48 USA states

Dry Van

When it comes to the industry workhouse, we also offer dry van trailers.  These are the industry go-to for getting into a dock, picking up the pallet or loose goods and heading down the road.  We offer 53' dry vans.